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Gear Review: OLYMPIA RG850 Flashlight

While it goes without saying that the best gifts require thought but not a purchase, there are exceptions. It’s not the cost of those gifts that makes them so, but the value, particularly when it comes to gear for outdoorspeople.

I still have a folding knife my parents gave me in the early 1980s, for instance, as well as the fly rod I received a few years later. The backpack my wife gave me fits the mold, too. Each item is finely made, but more to the point they each enabled many of the outings and adventures I’ve been on since, and figure to be in my pocket, hand or on my back for years to come.

The Olympia RG850 I’ve been testing is a close cousin to my favorite outdoors gear, an item I’d feel comfortable relying on for its utility, build, durability and feel.

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