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How To Enjoy Mountain Biking Without Making Hikers Hate You

I’ll never forget the look on those peoples’ faces. They’d heard me coming before I even came into view, the scraping, skidding sound of my mountain bike tires sliding across the gravel as I slammed on my brakes. But it was too late. I had seen the corner coming, and knew there might be people around the corner. But I’d simply been going to fast, and instead of coming to a controlled slowdown or stop, I skidded violently, kicking up a cloud of dust and sending pebbles flying down the mountain. I was mortified—I had become one of them. One of those bikers whom hikers dread.

No, I hadn’t hit anyone, and nobody was hurt. But it didn’t matter—I was out of control, and the hikers’ expression showed that it was obvious. It had been enough to make them leap from the trail into the bushes, their eyes wide with terror. It was a turning point in my mountain biking life.

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5 Ways To Keep Climbing Fun When The Weather Gets Cold

After a blazing hot summer, the cool mornings of fall might feel like a welcome relief for most climbers. Pretty soon the rock will feel cold under hand instead of radiating heat, and sweaty belays will be crisp and cool. But in many climbing areas, this magical, mild fall season is fleeting. Before long, fingertips will be feeling numb and morale will struggle when icy winds blast those belay ledges. If you still want to climb outside, there are many ways you can keep yourself more comfortable, and have more fun. Here are five.

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5 Reason To Go Backpacking Even If It's Your First Time

I had no idea what time it was—and I really didn’t care. At an elevation of 11,200 feet, there were no treetops to obscure the view into the deep sea of stars above me. Every minute or so, a star would go streaking across the sky, some of them looking like they’d drop out of the sky right into my hand.

That trip backpacking to Conundrum Hot Springs near Aspen, Colo., is one of the most magical moments I can look back on in my life—and I carry it as a reminder that with just a little effort, I can experience some of the most postcard-worthy places in the world. But gorgeous scenery isn’t the only reason I’m willing to shoulder a pack and hoof it out on the trail for a backpacking trip. Since my first—humorously inexperienced—backpacking trip back in college, I’ve learned that backpacking trips generally give back much more to my life than the effort I put in. Here are five reasons you should go backpacking this summer. Never backpacked before? No worries—these will mean even more.

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