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5 Ways Night Running Can Reinvigorate Your Training

Unless it’s under the lights of a stadium, outdoor activity is usually limited to daylight hours. For the most part, running, especially trail running, is no different. 

So it might seem a bit odd that I’m encouraging you to wait until the sun falls below the horizon to head out on your next run. 
Running at night can actually be used as a training tool, and an easy way to get you out of a training funk. The best part is, it requires only a headlamp to get started.

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7 Trail Running Hacks to Keep You Safe, Injury Free, and Having Fun

It’s no secret that running, especially trail running, requires a lot of hard work and discipline. There’s no magic pill, and the only way improve is to actually do it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make life a little easier and take advantage of shortcuts from time to time. So that’s what we’re focusing on today: hacks, or shortcuts, to keep you healthy and happy on the trail. Whether you are on a budget, struggling to find the time, or having issues finding good places to run there are some tricks to help you overcome all of these challenges and more.

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5 Essential Pieces of Gear for Mountain Trail Runners

Heading out on a mountain run ill-prepared is a bit like showing up to football practice without a helmet. You might be able to play, but it’s sure going to hurt.

Minimal required gear is part of what makes running so attractive. A pair of shoes (and that’s even debatable) and your own legs are all you need to log a few miles.

But as we start running longer or in more rugged terrain, additional gear becomes essential not only to keep things enjoyable, but for your safety. There are 5 pieces of gear I believe are necessary to keep you moving effectively and safely during mountain trail running adventures.

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