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Looking for something that the outdoor enthusiast in your life will love and even more, actually use? Look no further. We have picked our top 5 gifts for any outdoor fanatic. Give a gift that your loved ones will appreciate and your wallet will too!

1. WD180 Lantern - $29.99

WD180 StraightOn 450x323

This palm-sized lantern is the perfect stocking stuffer for the hiker or camper in your life. Its base is magnetic, convenient for mounting on any metal surface. You can sit it upright, kick out its feet to angle the light or use the built-in clip to hang it anywhere. With 180 lumens, this tiny lantern is sure to light up any tent or campsite.

2. RG850 Flashlight - $89.99

RG850 flashlight

When it comes to cost per lumens + features, this flashlight is second to none. The lightweight, compact design of the RG850 makes this your new go-to flashlight for all situations, from hiking to camping, hunting or emergency situations. The RG850 is the brightest in the RG series and features a rechargeable battery with micro-USB charging port and wall adaptor.

3. RG245 Flashlight - $59.99

RG245 flashlight

Perfect as an Every Day Carry (EDC) or for the woman in your life who is looking for extra safety as the days get darker. This small, bright flashlight is ideal for keeping in your pocket, car, handbag or on a nightstand. It has 5 light settings including Strobe and SOS. It is perfect for fitting in a small bag or glove compartment at a mere 3.3 inches long. And as a bonus safety tip, the strobe setting on this light is so powerful that it temporarily blinds unexpected assailants.

4. EX550 Headlamp - $69.99

EX550 Medium

The EX550 headlamp will light up any path ahead of you with 550 lumens on its highest setting. It is durable and versatile as it has five lighting modes, including a strobe setting. In addition to being waterproof IPX-7 (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes), the headlamp is made of corrosion-proof, lightweight aluminum making it a great gift for anyone who loves rigorous outdoor activities like trail running, caving, skiing and more.

5. SB5500 Solar Charger - $59.99

SB5500 CordsOut 400x391

The SB5500 is the perfect holiday gift for the backcountry enthusiast. It allows you to harness the power of the sun while you enjoy the great outdoors. The SB5500 has a power bank designed specifically for storing the sun’s energy until the evening, when you may need to charge your phone, tablet or flashlight. The solar charger will power anything with a USB or micro-USB port. Small devices like cell phones can charge in 2-3 hours and mid-size devices, such as a tablet will charge in 5-6 hours. For optimal charging, it is best to charge in direct sunlight.