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You never know when disaster might strike, or what form it may take. In honor of September’s National Disaster Preparedness Month, here are the top ten items to keep in your emergency kit or bug-out bag.

Campsite Cooking

Camp food is as much a part of the camping experience as the activities. Nothing is more satisfying than starting off a long day of rigorous activity in the outdoors with a hearty breakfast or ending the day’s adventuring with a relaxing dinner. Who doesn’t remember the smell of fried bacon and freshly percolated coffee wafting through their campsite in the morning or the aroma of steaks sizzling on the grill over an open flame in the afternoon? Gathering around the campfire and enjoying great meals is part of what makes camping such a memorable experience. However, without the convenience of your modern kitchen appliances, preparing food in the outdoors can be a daunting experience. Here are my best tips to make the camp cooking experience less daunting and more fun.

Night Runs

Unless it’s under the lights of a stadium, outdoor activity is usually limited to daylight hours. For the most part, running, especially trail running, is no different. 

So it might seem a bit odd that I’m encouraging you to wait until the sun falls below the horizon to head out on your next run. 
Running at night can actually be used as a training tool, and an easy way to get you out of a training funk. The best part is, it requires only a headlamp to get started.

Prep for Camping Trip

Camping during the summer months is one of the best ways to spend good, quality time with your friends and family. The memories you make will last a lifetime.

Now that summer is here, it’s time to take stock of your camping equipment and supplies. In addition, you’ll want to know where to find bargains to replace worn-out equipment or add to your existing gear. Having the right outdoor gear can mean the difference between having a good camping experience or a bad one. Check out the list of essential camping gear.

Raised Garden

Until recently, I had taken it for granted that I would spend the summer months engaging in my favorite outdoor activities. Each year as the snow gave way to the cool rains and warmer days of spring, I would begin planning kayaking, hiking and camping trips. My husband and I would choose the vegetables and herbs to plant in our backyard garden. Likewise, with adventure in mind, our summer vacation would be planned.

This year is different, though. Just as I was beginning to plan my outdoor summer adventures, I broke my hip, and I had to undergo hip replacement surgery.