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Backpacking Trip

I had no idea what time it was—and I really didn’t care. At an elevation of 11,200 feet, there were no treetops to obscure the view into the deep sea of stars above me. Every minute or so, a star would go streaking across the sky, some of them looking like they’d drop out of the sky right into my hand.

That trip backpacking to Conundrum Hot Springs near Aspen, Colo., is one of the most magical moments I can look back on in my life—and I carry it as a reminder that with just a little effort, I can experience some of the most postcard-worthy places in the world. But gorgeous scenery isn’t the only reason I’m willing to shoulder a pack and hoof it out on the trail for a backpacking trip. Since my first—humorously inexperienced—backpacking trip back in college, I’ve learned that backpacking trips generally give back much more to my life than the effort I put in. Here are five reasons you should go backpacking this summer. Never backpacked before? No worries—these will mean even more.

Fire Starting Hacks

When it has been raining or snowing outside the basic tasks become more difficult. Essential things, such as getting a fire started, can seem impossible. Fortunately, it is not. With a couple of supplies from your first aid kit you can easily overcome the challenge Mother Nature has thrown at you.

Surviving With The Right Water Bottle

Is your water bottle just as important as the water inside it? Learn what type of water bottles work best as a magnifying glass. They can be used for starting fires, sanitizing drinking water and more.

Trail Running Gear

Heading out on a mountain run ill-prepared is a bit like showing up to football practice without a helmet. You might be able to play, but it’s sure going to hurt.

Minimal required gear is part of what makes running so attractive. A pair of shoes (and that’s even debatable) and your own legs are all you need to log a few miles.

But as we start running longer or in more rugged terrain, additional gear becomes essential not only to keep things enjoyable, but for your safety. There are 5 pieces of gear I believe are necessary to keep you moving effectively and safely during mountain trail running adventures.