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Looking for an outdoor gift idea, for that outdoor enthusiast in your life?  With a durable and waterproof housing, Cree technology LED light with a max output of 550 lumens, and a comfortable and adjustable head strap – look no further than the powerful Olympia EX550 Waterproof Headlamp.

Headlamps are extremely useful, and are what most outdoorsy folk would consider necessary gear.  They can make the difference in keeping you safer during that nighttime adventure.  They can equip you for that middle-of-the-night trek to the bathroom when camping, making it much less treacherous.  And at times they are just plain lifesavers, basically any time you find yourself needing to do something in the dark, with both hands… like riding your bike, night skiing, trail running, exploring a cave, changing a tire, or pitching a tent.

And you don’t have to worry if your gift recipient already has one, for a couple of reasons: 1.Because you can always, always use a 2nd headlamp!  For those occasions when you can’t find yours.  Or when you’re with some poor schmuck who for some inexplicable reason doesn’t own a headlamp <gasp!> and needs to borrow one from you, the Cool Uber-Prepared Outdoorsman. 2.Because the Olympia EX550 Headlamp is the strongest, brightest, and most durable headlamp I’ve ever seen.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been testing out the Olympia EX550 Waterproof Headlamp, and can tell you this thing is a beast!  (In a good way).  It utilizes a patented Cree technology LED light, geared for optimum effectiveness and high efficiency.  Here are some of the specs…

“It features a CREE XM-L2 LED that produces a powerful 550 lumens of brightness with beam range of 135 meters.”  Translation?  This sucker is crazy bright.  It will be fantastic for next summer’s camping, but even right now I love having this kind of light when I take my dog for a walk at night. 

“Crafted from corrosion-proof aircraft-grade aluminum, the EX550 is waterproof to IPX-7 (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes) and impact resistant to 1 meter.”  Translation?  It’s tough.  Really tough.  And ready for any wet outdoor conditions you may encounter during your adventures.  I love that it’s also built to withstand accidentally dropping it, and don’t have to worry if it’s strapped to the outside of my hat when it starts to rain or snow.

“The EX550 also includes a convenient lockout feature to preserve battery drain while not in use and pivoting head allowing users to seamlessly direct the light beam in the right direction.”  Translation?  No worries of discovering your headlamp got bumped, was left on, and now the battery is dead when you need it most.   And I was very impressed with the ease of swiveling the light to point exactly where needed.  Much easier than my other headlamps.

What I love about the Olympia 550 Waterproof Headlamp:
•Extremely powerful lighting capabilities (and adjustable to 5 output settings, including strobe)
•Headstrap goes both around and over head, allowing for optimal fit (even over a hat)
•Very easy to pivot light
•Long battery life – up to 60 hours of runtime
•Durable – aluminum corrosion proof housing, waterproof to 1 meter
•It’s like having a flashlight strapped to your forehead!

What I don’t love as much:
•It’s hefty.  It’s heavier and bulkier than smaller, lightweight headlamps and takes a little getting used to.
•Because of the battery housing on each side of the light, it heats up.  Not dangerously so, but when used on max setting, it’s something to be aware of.  Probably not for young children.

Again, this is like having a high powered flashlight strapped to your head!  But the weight ends up definitely being worth it, in my book, for the impressive functionality it provides.   It’s the headlamp I now reach for first.

Olympia EX550 Waterproof Headlamp as an Outdoor Gift Idea

This is the “Hummer” of headlamps, and I was extremely excited at the opportunity to own and use one.  After trying it out personally,  I’d highly recommend the Olympia EX550 Waterproof Headlamp as a gift idea for the outdoor enthusiast in your life.    It’s of excellent quality, and should last a long time through many adventures.

— Colorado Mountain Mom

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