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You will never have to suffer from dreaded battery drainage again with Olympia's new Solar Power (SP) Series. The line offers options to keep your electronics pow- ered up with or without the sun.




Olympia's line of LED floodlamps provide powerful brightness for an extended period of time without packing on a lot of weight. Compact, lightweight, rechargeable, cordless and a 360 degree swiveling head make it the ultimate in portability and convenience.




The Olympia R500 radio is a rugged and formidable waterproof two-way radio that also floats. Is has a built-in flashlight, weather alerts and is rechargeable. It is designed for use in almost any harsh environment.




The RG850 is a high-performance, 850 lumen flashlight designed for any situation. It is rechargeable without ever needing to remove the battery. This rechargeable LED flashlight is also waterproof, impact resistant and comes with a 2 year warranty.

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