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You will never have to suffer from dreaded battery drainage again with Olympia's new Solar Power (SP) Series. The line offers options to keep your electronics pow- ered up with or without the sun.




Olympia's line of LED floodlamps provide powerful brightness for an extended period of time without packing on a lot of weight. Compact, lightweight, rechargeable, cordless and a 360 degree swiveling head make it the ultimate in portability and convenience.




The Olympia R500 radio is a rugged and formidable waterproof two-way radio that also floats. Is has a built-in flashlight, weather alerts and is rechargeable. It is designed for use in almost any harsh environment.




The RG850 is a high-performance, 850 lumen flashlight designed for any situation. It is rechargeable without ever needing to remove the battery. This rechargeable LED flashlight is also waterproof, impact resistant and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Featured Stories

How To Enjoy Mountain Biking Without Making Hikers Hate You

I’ll never forget the look on those peoples’ faces. They’d heard me coming before I even came into view, the scraping, skidding sound of my mountain bike tires sliding across the gravel as I slammed on my brakes. But it was too late. I had seen the corner coming, and knew there might be people around the corner. But I’d simply been going to fast, and instead of coming to a controlled slowdown or stop, I skidded violently, kicking up a cloud of dust and sending pebbles flying down the mountain. I was mortified—I had become one of them. One of those bikers whom hikers dread.

No, I hadn’t hit anyone, and nobody was hurt. But it didn’t matter—I was out of control, and the hikers’ expression showed that it was obvious. It had been enough to make them leap from the trail into the bushes, their eyes wide with terror. It was a turning point in my mountain biking life.

5 Ways Night Running Can Reinvigorate Your Training

Unless it’s under the lights of a stadium, outdoor activity is usually limited to daylight hours. For the most part, running, especially trail running, is no different. 

So it might seem a bit odd that I’m encouraging you to wait until the sun falls below the horizon to head out on your next run. 
Running at night can actually be used as a training tool, and an easy way to get you out of a training funk. The best part is, it requires only a headlamp to get started.